Writers Wednesday

  • the sea… - I’ve never really been that fond of the ocean. I grew up with it basically right on my doorstep and the ‘sun, sea, sand’ culture is strong out here. Swimming in the ocean always freaked me out, because I have some utterly reasonable fears of sharks and I’ve been stung enough times by jellyfish to […]
  • Writers Wednesday : Routine… or lack of one… - Hello Lovely! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 This is the first post in this series and I’m so excited. I don’t know about you but writing can feel like a lonely endeavour sometimes. It’s literally just you and a laptop, sometimes a coffee or a mountain pile of chocolate to keep you company. (Although, I […]
  • Welcome to Writers Wednesday! - Welcome to another blog post you lovely human! I’m so happy that you’ve taken the time to stop and read – it means the world to me ❤ For today’s post, I wanted to share something that’s personal to me but something I love and am so excited about. Among my many loves and obsessions […]