How To Read More

It’s something as book lovers we kind of take for granted. Reading comes above most things. It’s our hobby, our love. The thing we do without thinking – or become consumed with a story and therefore cannot think about anything else. Yet it can still be hard to carve out time to dedicate to a book when in reality there are a lot of other things that need our attention.

I can’t count the amount of times I’ve picked reading over doing the laundry and then regretted it the next day when I have no underwear. For me, it’s a balancing act.

I’ve been on a reading binge this month. Which made me think about how I fit reading into my life. I never used to read this much. I’ve always loved books, but the last few years is when my reading went to the next level.

If you want to read more, but are daunted by the sheer volume of books there are in the world, or you don’t know how to fit it into your life, here are a few tips that might help get you cracking the spine on a few books (although the analogy is a good one, don’t ever break the spine because it makes me cry…)

Pick a book about something you’re fascinated by

If you’re not enthralled by the subject you’re reading, then you really won’t want to continue with it. Whether you like fantasy, sci-fi, romance, or non-fiction, just make sure you love it.

Read a book you used to love

Most of us have that one book we used to love as a kid, whether it was Harry Potter or even an Enid Blyton book then start there. Start with something that brings to mind wonderful memories and will kick start you into the reading world. Also, don’t feel ‘childish’ or ‘silly’ if you are in your mid-twenties and want to read a kids book. There is nothing wrong with it, and those moments can be some of the best reading experiences you have.

Read a page every time you pick up your phone

We are all on our phones a lot, it’s a appendage that I can’t live without. But, if you really want to get back into the reading game then tell yourself that whenever you go to your phone to browse instagram or facebook that you’ll just read a page, or even a paragraph of a book. Often you might find yourself reading past that and getting stuck in, other times you’ll read just that page but at least you’ve picked it up!


I cannot sing the praises of audiobooks enough. They are amazing. If you don’t have time to devote to sitting down and actually reading, then flick on an audiobook. You can listen on your commute to work, whilst cleaning, cooking. It’s such an accessible way to consume books.

Set a timer for ten minutes

Ten minutes out of your day isn’t much, but if you set aside an allocated amount of time to read then you’ll find your brain actually gets switched on and is engaged. Meaning that even though it’s only ten minutes, you might find you can read quite a lot in that time frame. It also means you are actively prioritising reading which is always a good thing.

Don’t have more than one book on the go

If you have multiple books in your ‘current reads’ pile then you will get easily overwhelmed. (Hands up, I have done this a lot). When you’re just starting out, having that one book which you are working on will give you that sense of accomplishment more than having three or four and it taking you months to finish them all.

Pick reading over watching the TV in the evenings

A big one. Sometimes you will not want to read and after a long day you just want to turn on something chill and relax. Perfect! However, on those days when things have been a bit calmer, try picking up your book for the evening instead. Even just give yourself an hour to read and then switch the TV on. Again, it’s just prioritising.

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