what i watched in july

Hi there lovely, 

I hope you’re safe and happy! 

This month was an odd one for me. I’ve not read a single book in July. I could barely finished the ones I started. It just wasn’t the month for it. I’m a little upset with myself but I’m not one of those people who can force themselves to read when they don’t want to, it doesn’t work for me so I just listen to what my brain and body wants and this month it wanted a rest so I gave it one ❤️

However, this month I have done some good TV watching. A collection of my odd tastes and binge worthy shows and movies. Sometimes, watching a show can be such a calming thing for your mind (depending on the show of course). So here’s everything I watched in July! 

  1. Outlander 

Rating 10/10

This show is incredible. All of the characters and the themes that are portrayed in this show are done so well. The main love story of course – Jamie and Claire – is beautifully written and the whole world they’ve created in Scotland kind of makes you want to find your own standing stones and see if you can travel back 200 years. I found this show a few months ago but wanted to re watch because it’s become one of my favourites. Also, in season 4 Roger and Briannas story is just heart wrenching and beautiful. 

Trigger Warnings: violence, graphic sex scenes, rape.

2. Run

Rating: 8/10 

Such an odd show! But it’s brilliant. A thriller/comedy/romance it’s literally a little bit of everything. First loves who have not spoken in years, they each have they’re own families and lives made a deal when they were young. If one of them texts RUN and the other one responds the same, no matter where they are they will drop everything and meet on a train in grand central station. As with all shows things go gigantically wrong. The acting is AMAZING! And the writing is witty and clever. 

trigger warnings: murder, sex.

3.  Gilmore Girls

Rating: 9/10

An old favourite that I decided to re watch. This just brings back so many cosy memories of when I watched it with my mum. I grew up wanted to be Rory! A girl who prefers reading to partying, and who has a unique relationship with her mother. It’s great and recommend it highly!

4. Staged 

Rating: 10/10 

A lockdown sitcom with David Tennent and Michael Sheen over video calls where they try to rehearse a play, and attempt to not lose their minds in quarantine. It’s funny, smart and has some amazing guest stars! There not very long episodes 15 – 18 minutes, but I watched it with my partner and we giggled the entire way through.

5. Starsky & Hutch

Rating 7/10 

This show was first aired in 1975 so it’s quite old, but I re found this show this month and loved it! Two detectives in LA stretch the rules to get the best results. It’s funny with some important story lines that are well written. 

A solid show! 

trigger warnings: rape, suicide, domestic violence, child abuse

6. Sweet Magnolias 

Rating: 6/10

This show is why I love Netflix, I was in search of a new show and Netflix recommended this one to me. It’s cute and very cosy.  It centres around three women in a small town who go into business together and the ups and downs of their life. It’s very PG and sometimes unrealistic I found. But, it was sweet.

  The acting is… mediocre. Nothing awful but it’s not the best. It’s the perfect chill show that you can watch with the family.

trigger warning: divorce, cheating 

7. Reign 

Rating 9/10 (the first season only) 

This was another re watch for me, the first season of this show (because I firmly believe that past that something went disastrously wrong) is unbelievable. A historical drama based “loosely” on the life of Mary Queen of Scots and her marriage with Francis the Dauphin of France. It’s dramatic and the acting is amazing! It can be quite intense at times but there is a love triangle in it which always makes me happy ❤️ 

trigger warnings: violence, murder, rape, sexualisation of women. 

8. Fawlty Towers

Rating: 9/10 

A British classic!! Phil and I have been watching this together and although it can be quite cringe at points, it’s one of the funniest shows out there! 

9. Jack Taylor 

Rating 9/10

An Irish detective who is grumpy and has a severe drinking problem. All the makings of a great show! Iain Glen is fantastic in the role, although in the third season some of the core cast changes and it was quite jarring. The storyline’s are intricate and well written. As it’s set in Ireland it deals with a lot of religious issues, but it does it really well. 

trigger warnings: violence, rape, abuse, self harm, suicide, alcoholism. 

10. The Kissing Booth 2

Rating: 3/10

Wow. This was bad. I was so disappointed. The first one is one of my favourite movies, so I had high hopes for the sequel, hopes that crashed to the ground and blew up. 

This whole movie was a mess. It basically was just a two hour session of ‘how jealous can every character get, over silly things.’.

I’m not a fan of jealousy in a story as it is, but everything in this show would be solved if the characters talked to each other… you know communication! A massive let down, and I’m dreading the fact that there is going to be a third! People don’t know when to stop!! 

11. Paddington 2

Rating 10/10

Yes… this makes the list with a massive rating! Yet another re watch for me, but so far last week I managed to watch it 3 times. 

It’s my cosy watch that gives me a wonderful sense of calm and peace. Plus, it’s set in a beautiful part of London. You couldn’t ask for anything better. 

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this post, leave a comment and let me know ❤

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