My Week In Books

After a massive reading slump which lasted a good three to four weeks, I’m so happy to be back into the swing of reading again. Although I’m still buying way more than I’m finishing but I don’t really mind that. 

I made my reading goal for the year on Goodreads and it was 30 books. Well, I’ve just finished my 33rd book and it’s only June so I’m pleased with that! 

This week has been engulfed by a particular series that I fell in love with and physically couldn’t stop reading. The Strike Novels by Robert Galbraith. Aka. J.K. Rowling. Each one just got better and better and each plot got more intricate. It’s a crime series following Private Detective Cormoran Strike and his assistant/partner Robin Ellacott. 

The first book – A Cuckoo’s Calling was really just setting up the world of Strike as he attempts to solve the murder of a famous super model whom the police think committed suicide. Never the less it had a brilliant plot with so many characters that were instantly brought to life by her vivd writing. That was my Monday & Tuesday. 

Wednesday & Thursday were taken up by the second novel – The Silkworm which follows Strike and Robin trying to solve the grisly murder of an obscure author Owen Quine. The dialogue in this book was particularly good, you got to see the characters develop in such an organic way, simply through really natural conversation. 

Friday, pretty much all day was the third one – Career Of Evil. This one is lot more personal as it is Robin and Strike who are solving the case of someone who is taunting them. Robin gets sent a severed leg in the post. Particularly puzzling as it’s severed in the exact same place that Strikes own leg got blown off in Iraq. Their relationship develops a lot more in this one and although it’s sometimes infuriating, you see how well they understand each other. 

Finally, Saturday & Sunday was Lethal White. Without a doubt the best one of them all! It’s a huge instalment (nearly 800 pages) but the plot was so intricate and it had so many twists and turns I never expected. This one focuses on a mentally ill boy who comes into Strikes office and says that he saw a child strangled years ago, but before Strike can get any more info he flees. It then goes through the interesting lives of politicians and the upper class, but this has a lot more of Strike and Robins relationship in it which is what I loved about it. 

I’m not someone who reads a lot of crime fiction (even though it’s some of my favourite TV to watch) but this series gave me a real hankering to read more mysteries, so obviously I went to the book shop and had a nosy around… It’s an addiction. One that I’m happy feeding. 

That was my week in books and I’m pretty happy that I made it through four last week. I’m going to try and keep it up this week. 

Allie xxx

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