Endings Beginnings – A Review

I’ve been waiting for a good long while for this movie to come out. A semi-good side effect of this quarantine is that it got released on iTunes earlier than expected! 

Ever since I saw the trailer for this movie, it stuck with me and I knew I had to see it. Not only for the story but also the amazing actors that are in it – Sebastian Stan… need I say more? 

I was also eager to watch because the director Drake Doremous has directed two other movies I adore. Like Crazy & Breathe In. I highly highly recommend. They are all technically classified as ‘independent’ or ‘indie’ films, so they aren’t everyones cup of tea, if you prefer a romantic comedy you might find these movies a little more intense. But, the truth and vulnerability of this movie in particular is one of the big reasons I adore it. 

I was a little worried that it wouldn’t live up to my expectation, as I’d been waiting for months to see it. And to put it simply, it didn’t live up to them. Which was the most amazing bit. What I thought was going to be a good classic ‘love triangle’ film where the main character (Daphne) can’t decide between two seemingly perfect guys (we all love those ones…) was actually a heartbreaking character study of a woman who is so lost and haunted by her bad decisions that she struggles to put one foot in front of the other with out being plagued by doubt and fear. (Something I can so related to). 

You see her struggle and fight with herself because she is drawn to someone (Frank) who is just as broken and lost as she is, but is also drawn to the man (Jack) who can offer her something she knows she needs, a healthy relationship. 

Daphne and Frank in so many ways fit together because you see two people trying to find hope and safety in the other. Lost people always seem to find each other. Like a siren call only they can hear. They see the familiar broken shards of love and hope in the other person and smile because it’s the same jagged edges that are inside them. Lost people find each other in the hope that their lost halves will lift together to make a whole. But, it doesn’t always work out that way. 

I was also so fascinated by this movie because there was no script. Normally the actors work from a heavily edited script with pages of dialogue. This movie didn’t have that. There was an extensive outline, but all the dialogue that’s in the movie was improvised. Which means that each scene drips with a unique vulnerability that can get lost in scripted movies, I find. 

More than anything, what came across was how it’s ok not to have life planned out. It’s ok to make mistakes, even big ones, because they can lead to some of the greatest parts of your life. 

A quote from the movie that I loved goes – “Everything might not be ok, but that’s ok. You are exactly where you need to be.” 

All in all, this movie was amazing. The most honest and raw character driven film I’ve seen in ages. 

I will say that due to some of the mature content it’s not really appropriate for people younger than I’d say fifteen. Let me know if you’ve seen the movie and if you liked it or not. ❤  Allie xxx

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