Writers Wednesday : Routine… or lack of one…

Hello Lovely! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 This is the first post in this series and I’m so excited. I don’t know about you but writing can feel like a lonely endeavour sometimes. It’s literally just you and a laptop, sometimes a coffee or a mountain pile of chocolate to keep you company. (Although, I really have to cool it with that last one… time to switch to a healthy writing snack… carrot? Cucumber? eh…) So, here is the place where my wandering (sometimes completely random, and utterly bonkers) thoughts will be put down.

Do you have a writing routine? A place where you go each morning to sit and pump out a few thousand words. If you do, well done, I applaud you my friend. However, it’s never been quite that simple for me. I’ve got an office, and a really comfy chair but sometimes I can sit there for hours just staring at the wall, wondering how you actually spell Hanukkah (yes i did just google that, no, I won’t remember it in an hour). Other times I can sit for hours and barely notice the time ticking by.

All the tips on writing I’ve ever read have emphasized the importance of routine and writing even when you don’t feel inspired. But, man it’s not easy. Writing when you don’t feel it, is so hard. Drawing blood from stone is the perfect phrase, because it can feel like I’m wringing my brain for at least one good sentence when it can barely remember where to place a single comma.

This week, I’ve made a point to push through the torturous lack of inspiration and just write. Yesterday, it took me two hours to write a single paragraph… however, that paragraph wasn’t complete and utter dog shit, so I’m gonna take that as a win!

When things are flowing however, this tends to be my writing routine:

I can’t often write during the day. It’s just not my time. I get stressed very quickly and I have to put my mental health first, so I dedicate my mornings to me (Unless life gets in the way). I read, watch tv, take some photos, get coffee and generally have a slow start. I know I’m really lucky as a lot of people don’t have this luxury, but, another perk from working from home… I make my own hours.

Since I work in the afternoons, my writing tends to happen after five. I get probably my fourth or fifth cup of tea of the day and go sit in my office. I like to re read what I wrote the previous day, to refresh but also figure out where I want to start writing from. If I just wrote an intense scene, I like to change and write something lighter. I also decide what story I want to work on – I’ve got three main projects going right now – then I say a prayer for inspiration, open my scrivener, take a sip of tea and write.

I have a fear of my computer crashing and losing all of my work, so if I’ve have a productive day then I print off what I’ve done and file it. A habit that has proved useful in the past.

This routine doesn’t always work, but, when I’m in the writing zone it really helps me stay focused. ❤

If you have a writing routine I’d love to know how you stay focused and motivated!

Allie xxx

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