Twenty – Twenty

Although it’s not technically the first week of January, it is the very first blog post of Monday Morning Tea in twenty twenty! Which is all kinds of exciting. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers do a ‘2019 wrap up’, but 2019 was… *puts on a ridiculous British accent*… absolutely ghastly darling! 

So, instead of looking back at last year and reliving it all *shudder*. I thought I’d look ahead to this brand spanking new year and let you all in on some of my goals for the year. 

So, you’ve probably made quite a few ‘resolutions’, if you’ve stuck to them, congratulations! If you got to day three of January and realized that your aim to hit the gym every day for an hour or to give up coffee wasn’t entirely realistic – then please, put your feet up, pour that coffee, and enjoy. 

I always used to make new years resolutions, I never stuck with them, but it was always nice to give myself a challenge. This year I chose not to set a resolution, but to set a goal. Each month, I’m giving it a focus and for that month I work towards achieving it. January’s goal is, Health and Productivity. I’ve got quite sick over the course of December and felt defeated and horrible, so my goal was to get well, find a way of eating that didn’t make me violently ill (the struggle is real), and start working out again without injuring myself (seriously, my body sucks). 

The productivity side of things was more for my mental health than anything. I am a naturally messy person, and because I work from home, things can start to pile up. Sometimes literally, my washing pile just gets bigger and bigger. But, I wanted to be less overwhelmed by things, and have a plan of achieving the things I want. 

Things to Achieve in Twenty Twenty: 

**Finish writing my novel 

**Read 30 books (already two down, so very happy with this one) 

**Get stronger and fitter 

**Keep anxiety at a low, but not to get stressed if it flares up

**Maintain a level of safety within my relationships

**Do more things that bring ME joy

**Be more active online

**Prioritise myself 

**Take less bullshit

A reasonable list of goals that I can 100% achieve. I hope your year has started off amazingly, but if it hasn’t you’ve got the whole year to turn things around. 

I’d love to know some of your goals for the year!

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