As you’ve probably already seen our website has had a complete makeover! After hours of sitting down and trying to decide the direction of this website and what I wanted to put out into the world, we’ve designed this amazing logo and overhauled the website. So…Welcome!

I’ve had so much anxiety over this blog and the content I want to create. As much as I hate to admit it, I’m a perfectionist. I get so frazzled when things aren’t exactly as I pictured them in my head. I’m working on getting better at not feeling so overwhelmed all the time, if anyone has any tips, lay ’em on me!

I’ve had a major life overhaul in the past year aswell, so many things have happened that have knocked me from side to side. Only now, am I starting to poke my head up above the water and slowly get my feet back on solid ground. So, along with a this new fabulous website update, I’ve also had a life update I guess. It’s been so exhausting and difficult, but I feel that now is the start of something new. (That was a little cheesier than I meant it to be, soz.) With this update, there will be more lifestyle posts, more beauty posts, a food section that will soon be filled with all sorts of yummy things, and in general, more lovely things!

Allie x

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