Skin and Makeup…

I’ve never really considered myself a particularly ‘girly’ sort of person. I was never that into makeup or clothes. In fact, I only really started to wear makeup when I was eighteen or so. And I only wore clothes that were comfortable, which meant that I spent a large portion of my teenage years in leggings and t-shirts with big jumpers… hang on a minute… I still only really wear leggings and comfy shirts… Nevertheless, I wasn’t one for dresses or skirts (much to my mum’s dismay). But since I’ve left home, I’ve found a certain love about wearing makeup and trying new products. I have also fallen in love with skincare and finding out what products work on my skin and what products don’t. So, I thought I would share my tried and tested, never fails, works like a charm, products.

0509-2019-03566313440173683839461My skincare routine is literally just these two products! My skin is super sensitive and I get a lot of skin reactions, but these two products I’ve had no issues with. Yay! I’ve got blotchy and really red skin, I’ve tried so many products over the years but nothing has worked. Until, I was watching a Zoe Sugg vlog and she mentioned Effaclar Duo and how it helped her skin, so I thought I’d give it a try. I’m normally skeptical about things like this, but honestly, I can’t even tell you how amazing this thing is! Within two weeks of me using it every day, my skin completely calmed down and all the scarring I had on my face were starting to fade. Now, my skin is the clearest it’s been in years. So, thanks Zoe! It’s a little more than I would normally pay for one product, but it’s totally worth it.

0509-2019-03485703440105622950164A lot of my makeup is from Rimmel and Maybelline. I’ve just found them to be the most affordable and functional products. I’ve used the ‘Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation’ for nearly three years, it was the very first foundation I tried and I’m still loving it! All of the ‘match perfection’ products suit my skin really well. I tend not to stray from products once I’ve found one that works for me. And, my all-time favourite mascara is also another recommendation from Zoe Sugg. As you can see I tend to get a lot of my beauty things from her, and so far she hasn’t steered me wrong. ❤

I spent so many years, hating my skin and having no idea what to do with it. With quite a few trial and error moments, I’m so happy I’ve finally found products that work! I’d love to know all your beauty stories or products that you can’t live without. Comment below ❤

Allie x

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