Fear of what now?

I don’t know if anyone can relate, but I get a lot of fear and anxiety around the things that I want to do. What if it’s not good enough? What if it’s not smart enough? What if I don’t have anything worth saying? Who’s going to listen to me anyway? And all of that ends with the age-old question ‘what’s the point?’ After all of that thinking and stressing, I end up doing nothing. Which makes me feel even worse. Basically, I can’t win! I’ve got a list as long as my arm of things I want to accomplish and goals I want to reach, but because I overthink everything, it all fades away. I don’t like that! I want to be that person that sets a goal and reaches it, but right now I’m the person who sets a goal and panics that I’ll never get there so what’s the point of even trying the first place.

This blog is something I’ve always wanted to do. I want to share my life with people, I want to write and connect, but it’s hard. I’m literally starting from the ground up. I have no idea what this will turn into (if it will indeed turn into anything). But I don’t want to give up just because I’m afraid of finding out.

I’m gonna try and give up on the belief that everything I do has to be perfect. It doesn’t! There is no such thing, and yet I feel such anxiety putting things out into the world that aren’t 100% perfect. There are so many people in this world, and if my life and words can entertain, inspire, make you laugh, then I wanna carry on!


Allie x

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