It is my firm belief that tea really is magic.

It might just be the English blood that runs through me or that fact that I grew up with a mother who used to have nearly ten cups of this liquid gold a day. Whatever the reason I find that I turn to tea in most situations, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

It’s almost like it’s ingrained in my psyche. If you’re cold, have a cup of tea. If you’re sad, have a cup of tea. Lonely, have some tea. Happy, celebrate with some tea. There is no occasion I can think of that is not made infinitely better with a pot of hot tea. I may be wrong, but so far it’s never let me down.

Sometimes life can really suck and I’ve had days when simply getting out of bed can zap me of my energy. So, I wrap my fingers around my favourite mug and slowly take a sip and often I find that by the time I’ve finished I feel just that little bit better.

Like I said…magic.

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